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AS Level WJEC Computer Science - Unit 1 Examination Revision E-Workbook (with full teacher answers).

Questions are regarding:
1.1 Architecture, Fetch-Decode-Execute, Input/Output, Secondary Storage Devices, Networks, Internet
1.2 Logical Operations
1.3 Data Transmission
1.4 Data Representation and Data Types
1.5 Data Structures
1.6 Organisation of Data
1.7 Database Systems
1.8 The Operating System

This is a comprehensive e-book to allow teachers to use in class or via home-learning. WJEC past paper questions are collated in a workbook format to be used on devices for easy marking. Can be uploaded to OneDrive for easy use.

A full written version is also included.

Full interactive answer sheet provided with links and index for easy access to questions and answers.

AS Level - WJEC Unit 1 Computer Science Assessment/Revision E-book and Written

  • Further Info

    This guide is specifically aimed at teacher use in the classroom or for home learning, to be used in collaboration with all units taught, to aid with monitoring student progress.

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