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This adding a counter lesson, via Greenfoot, is an easy to understand lesson with full teaching code, and completely editable. All code used has been tested throughout and this is a wonderful resource to use, aimed at making the teaching of Greenfoot as effortless as possible for the teacher.


There is also a project documentation folder, to allow the class to create a new project based on Greenfoot and the tools they have learnt, which should take a couple of lessons to complete.


The lesson teaches the student the following:


  • How to add a new actor
  • How to set up the counter
  • How to edit the counter
  • How to program the counter


This resource consists of the following:


  • Lesson video
  • PowerPoint
  • Codes handout for students
  • Full code file
  • Student Document for Project

Lesson 4 to 6 - Greenfoot - Adding a Counter and Project Documentation

  • Further Info

    This lesson comes with full coding for teachers and an easy understanding of how to set up the counter. A project document for students to complete as a class project is also included with this resource.

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