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Valentine's Day HTML Web Page Build for Beginners

A beginners introduction to learning the basics of HTML via a History of Valentine’s Day and Kindness web page lessons. This series of lessons are set to be 50 minutes in length per lesson, but can be created for longer, or broken down. These lessons are suitable for students from upper key stage 2 to lower key stage 3.


No teacher requirement for knowledge of coding is necessary, as everything is provided in the lesson packs.


This is a 3 - 4 lesson series, incorporating full presentations, lesson plans, coding videos, class help sheets and fully tested codes.


These lessons introduce the students to:


  • Starting the HTML editor
  • Saving documents
  • Creating a web page
  • Inserting and editing text
  • Inserting and editing images
  • Inserting and editing video
  • Creating dividers and breaks
  • Creating headings and alignment
  • Inserting background images
  • Creating lists
  • Linking pages to new pages

Valentine's Day HTML Web Page Build for Beginners

  • Full lessons with full content


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