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Welcome to our Introducing SQL course, for beginners to the programming language for relational database design and manipulation. In this short course, you will learn the basics of SQL, including how to create and manipulate databases, tables, and queries.

By the end of the course, you will have a foundation in SQL programming and be able to apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios. 

An Introduction to SQL Course Content

Introducing SQL

An introduction to databases, and the relevance and purpose of a relational database system.

SQL Statements

An Introduction to common SQL statements such as CREATE, SELECT, ALTER, UPDATE and UNION.

Databases and Data Types

Understanding how to create tables using a SQL editor database system, and creating data types and structures.

Creating and Querying Tables

Learning how to create tables, and the purpose of querying databases, and the common queries used.

Arithmetic, and Logical Operators

Understanding how to use arithmetic and logical operators to create improved queries and reports.

Creating a Working Database

Creating a simple working relational database.

6 guided learning hours

No previous knowledge required 

Online tutor-taught course

Shareable digital certification

A male Asian developer brainstorming


  • Online with full tutor support and tuition

  • Critical hands-on skills

  • Short course 

  • Practical and immersive

  • Database build 

  • Digital shareable certificate on completion

Introducing SQL Course Outlines Robinson Education

An Introduction to SQL

Course Dates

Pick the option that is right for you


1 week course

Study time

6 hours

04/07/24 & 05/07/24

1 week course

Study time

6 hours

15/08/24 & 16/08/24


These courses are online and tutor-led and run from 10.00 a.m. until 1.00 p.m.



The total cost of this course is £180.00.


Payment may be made directly or set up as a monthly payment plan over 3 months, at a cost of £60.00 per month. 

Speak to us about funding options.

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