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Computer Science Help from Robinson Computing Education

Updated: Jan 19

Need help and advice about computer science courses, training or career choices? Contact us for help and guidance and try out our computing career poll at the bottom of this page.

You may have started a new course this term and already feeling overwhelmed with the jargon and content. Leave a comment on our Forum page if you need any advice and we will respond to you with some help and pointers if needed.

A student revising computer science

Training and Careers

If you need help with deciding which computing career is right for you, or which course you need to get into a career in computing or IT, or even which area is the best paid, then get in touch! We can help guide your through your decision making process. Leave a comment on our Forum page.

Try our preferred computing career poll

Select a preferred industry from our poll below. We can't list all of them but here are 8 of some of the top industries today, which one would you prefer to work in?

Which computing career industry would you most like to work in?

  • Data

  • Gaming

  • Software Engineering

  • Robotics


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