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Microsoft Access ® is a powerful relational database management system that allows you to store, organise, and manage small to large amounts of data.


This short course will introduce you to this business application where you will set up an environment, create tables and define field properties. Introducing data-entry forms, queries and reports to help analyze and present data in meaningful ways, ensuring you will have all the tools you need to manage your data effectively

If you have no experience with relational databases, and want to understand technical concepts and feel more confident in their application, then this course is perfect for you.

Introducing Microsoft Access ®   Course Content

Setting Up the Environment

Creating Tables and Data Types

Creating Field Properties

Database Formatting Techniques

Creating Data-Entry Forms

Creating Basic Queries

Creating Reports

Build a Simple Database

6 guided learning hours

No previous knowledge required for this course

Online tutor-led


Shareable digital certification

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  • Online short course

  • Full tutor support and tuition as an online course 

  • Performance based training 

  • One-to-one tuition available 

  • Shareable digital certification included

Introducing Microsoft Access Course Outlines Robinson Education

Introducing Microsoft Access ®

Course Dates

Pick the option that is right for you

2 week Saturday course

Average study time per week:

3 hours

06/07/24 & 13/07/24



3 week Sunday course

Average study time per week:

2 hours

04/08/24 - 18/08/24

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The total cost of this course is £180.00.


Payment may be made directly or set up as a monthly payment plan over 3 months, at a cost of £60.00 per month. 

Speak to us about funding options.

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Job Roles Associated with Microsoft Access

Data Analyst

Reporting Analyst

Business Intelligence Analyst

Marketing Analyst

Business Data Analyst

Database Manager

Database Designer

Computer Keyboard
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