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Working with Spreadsheets

In today's data-driven world, Microsoft Excel ® has become an essential tool for businesses and individuals alike. With its powerful features and user-friendly interface, Microsoft Excel ® makes it easy to organise, analyse, and visualise data.


Whether you're a financial analyst, a marketer, or someone who needs to keep track of their personal finances, Excel is the go-to solution for all your data needs.


This is a fully self-paced online course and includes both Microsoft Excel Associate and Microsoft Expert Level content and exam practice.

Microsoft Excel ® Associate Course Content

Manage worksheets and workbooks

Using some of the basic features of Microsoft Office applications. Customising Excel, navigating files and using office collaboration features.

Manage data cells and ranges

Understanding Excel basics, properties and worksheets, formatting cells and ranges. Defining named ranges and utilizing conditional formatting and sparklines.

Manage tables and table data

Create, format and modify tables. Customising cell ranges and table styles, configuring style option, and sorting data by multiple columns.

Perform operations by using formulas and functions

Inserting references, calculating and transforming data using functions such as COUNTA() and IF(). Formatting and modifying text.

Manage Charts

Creating, modifying and formatting charts. Understanding how to change charts settings and elements, styles and source data.

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Microsoft Excel ® Expert Course Content

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Microsoft Expert Content

Managing workbook options and settings

Managing workbooks and enabling macros, preparing workbooks for collaboration, protecting workbooks and configuring and editing language options.

Manage and format data

Using Flash Fill, formatting and validating data, applying advanced conditional formatting and filtering, with advanced rules that use formulas. 

Create advanced formulas and macros

Performing logical operations using functions such as SWITCH(). Using functions to lookup data, utilizing data and time functions, troubleshooting and modifying macros.

Manage advanced charts and tables

Creating, and modifying PivotTables. Understanding how to use slicers, and calculated fields. Creating and modifying PivotCharts.

Analysing data


  • Fully online and self paced, but with an allocated dedicated course tutor 

  • Engaging lessons with interactive content

  • Performance-based lab simulations provide application to real-world scenarios and provide detailed feedback reports and scores

  • Exam practice for MO-200 Microsoft Excel Associate (2019) and MO-210 Microsoft Excel Associate (365)

  • Exam practice for MO-201 Microsoft Excel Expert (2019) and MO-211 Microsoft Excel Expert (365)

  • Includes Readiness Reports and Domain Exams and Full-length Exams that emulate the real certification exams

  • Exam voucher for TestOut’s 100% performance-based certification exam

Microsoft Excel Associate Course Outlines Robinson Computing Education.
Microsoft Excel Expert Course Outlines Robinson Computing Education

12-month course access

No previous knowledge required

Fully self paced online learning

Performance based lab Excel simulations

Join the Online Academy

Microsoft Excel Robinson Computing Education CompTIA TestOut Online Academy

Sign up for the Microsoft Excel ® (Office 2019) programme and join our online learning academy hosted by CompTIA (The Computing Technology Industry Association). 

You will gain access to your own learning portal, where you will study your course at your own pace. Join in with simulated labs, and practice applications with real-world scenarios. You will have access to the full Associate and Expert courses, and exam practice to get you ready for the Microsoft Excel ® (Office 2019) or (365 Apps) exam.

You will be allocated a course tutor, who will support and monitor your progress throughout your studies, and will be accessible via email, or online where applicable.



The total cost of this course is £450.00.


Payment may be made directly or set up as a monthly payment plan over 6 months, at a cost of £60.00 per month. 

Speak to us about funding options.

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Job Roles Associated with Microsoft Excel ® 

Administrative Assistant

Data Analyst

HR Coordinator

Financial Analyst

Market Researcher

Marketing Officer

Computer Keyboard

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