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This Greenfoot bundle, starts at the very basics of understanding Java with Greenfoot. The bundle grows into a 6 or 7 lesson package with full presentations for each lesson, with full codes, easy to learn videos and coding handouts.


Lesson 4 provides an e-workbook project template document for the class to create their own project in a detailed and orderly format, which can also be printed out and edited to suit each class.


This bundle will teach your class:

  • How to understand the Greenfoot environment
  • How to populate the World with backgrounds and actors
  • How to move the actors around the world, changing speeds
  • How to compile their code and check for errors
  • How to add in extra actors
  • How to create movement using their keys
  • How to remove actors from the scene
  • How to slow down and speed up actors
  • How to eat the actors
  • How to code effectively in Java
  • How to check syntax for errors
  • How to add sound to actors
  • How to save files, store and run them
  • How to set up the counter
  • How to edit the counter
  • How to program the counter

Greenfoot - Full lessons Bundle Lessons 1 to 6

  • Further Info

    A detailed end of unit project file is also included with this bundle. 

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